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With our innovative software solution, all data from a wide variety of systems can be brought together and processed in one place. This not only saves time and money, but also increases work efficiency! All your individual special programs can be linked quickly and easily.

As an integration platform, queeco enables user-relevant company data that is distributed over many locations to be brought together in just one place. The most diverse types of information can be made uniformly visible, managed and processed. A large number of company systems can be connected to queeco quickly and easily.

Connection according to customer requirements
  • Tailored to the individual needs of our customers, a large number of external systems such as SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Outlook, specialist applications and individual programs can be networked with queeco.

Easy and quick integration
  • Additional systems can be integrated quickly and easily by the customer using a modular plug-in concept. System integration does not require any expert knowledge.

Uniform representationg
  • Queeco not only brings the different information together in one place, but also presents documents, workflow tasks, contacts, appointments, emails and other heterogeneous data sources in a standardized way.


A variety of special applications can be brought together and visualized on just one client. Data access is possible via a WebClient, RichClient or MobileClient.

With queeco you have access to all relevant company data from different sources in one place. Safe, quick and efficient.

Every employee has a special, personalized view of company data and information.

Queeco enables filtering of data that is relevant to the user.

Queeco can be integrated in the Outlook display so that the user does not have to change his usual field of application.

Queeco enables you to search company data across systems.


Supported system connections

Supported information types

  • Files

  • Mails

  • Tasks

  • Workflow tasks

  • Events

  • Contacts

  • Business pieces

  • As well as their individual information

What's new

18.05.2019 – Coming soon! The new cloud connections!

We will inform you soon about our latest cloud connections and extensions!


17.03.2019 – New @enterprise connection available!

The @enterprise ServiceInterface has been adapted to the new version of @enterprise and now also offers the full range of functions of the current interface.


18.11.2018 – Queeco is faster than ever!

QueeCo 3.1 now has an optimized framework in the background and much more.


12.09.2018 – the new QueeCo version is here.

Queeco 2.7 offers many new features and extensions!


14.06.2018 – OwnCloud support optimized!

The integration of ownCloud into our QueeCo system has been completely revised. QueeCo now has the ability to load and display data much faster.


23.04.2018 – queeco.at in a new outfit!

Our homepage has got a new face. Modern and with many new features!


04.02.2018 – New mobile app available!

The new mobile app is no longer a mobile web client but a real app with all the advantages. Contact us for a free trial!


12.05.2017 – QueeCo in a new look!

The look of the Queeco Client in version 2.4 has been completely revised and now combines a modern look with the usual functionality.


What customers say about us

“C: queeco has efficiently standardized the existing software systems in our company and thus helps us to react even faster to customer requirements and to save costs.”

Roman Bauer

“Among other things, we use queeco as a uniform interface to heterogeneous SharePoint installations as well as to replace various legacy systems such as file shares ... and with success!!”

Gerald Märzendorfer
DXC Austria

“With queeco we combine all company-relevant documents as well as time records, processes and e-mails from different systems in one practical interface.”

Marian Zlocha


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